New Year Workshop,
4 January 2020, Warsaw, Aleje Jerozolimskie 155

What about if the New Year planning was nice and easy?

Sometimes one gives up on making the New Year resolutions. Not because one stopped to consider them of little sense but because trying to fulfil them has proven painful. The costs of being irritated with yourself, due to not sticking to own plans becomes so high, that it seems preferable to give up adopting resolutions and making plans at all. However, what if the review of what you have accomplished during the year and what you have given up on did not have to be accompanied by a sense of guilt or discontent? What if implementation of the resolutions was accompanied by lightness and sense of support?

Giving up on the recapitulation, one loses the chance to review – from an observer’s position –  the schemes which one follows and the beliefs which one holds. The New Year workshops is an invitation to go on the jouerney. The jouerney backwards – to the outgoing year and the jouerney forward – to the incomming year. You do not risk being alone in this journey but you can count on support of your fellow travellers.

Implementation of what you have decided might be difficult at times. This can be the case when only the rational mind is involved in planning and subsequently a sense of guilt calls you to execute. What about if other dimensions were also invited to the planning process? Next to the mind, also emotions and body and whatever else may support you in your journey and is larger than yourself? 

Recapitulation of what has been and deciding on what I would desire or like, offers an opportunity to integrate an important wisdom about the world.  An opportunity to access the ascending spiral, instead of a feeling of falling down into unknown abyss. Recapitulation and planning constitute an old ritual, known in different places of the world. Many of us have allowed the modern mechanism of imposing obligations on ourselves to strip the process of planning and reviewing from its power and charms. 

Where : Warsaw, Aleje Jerozolimskie 155/68

When : 4  January 2020, 9.30-17.30

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