Journey to your own beliefs,
7 December 2019, Gdańsk

Journey to your own beliefs, 7 December 2019, Gdańsk
“Only in silence the word, Only in dark the light, Only in dying life: Bright the hawk’s flight on the empty sky”. Ursula K.Le Guin, Wizzard of Earthsea.

While in the western hemisphere there is very little sunlight, days are short and the night very long, one can almost lose the hope of return of the Sun. The period of November and December is dark and cold, the Sun is Sagittarius and invites to search for the source of light not outside of oneself – because there it cannot be found anyway – but inside. It is a good moment to perform a review of your beliefs – about yourself and the world. What are they like? What do they express? Do your beliefs support you or do they limit you? Where do they come from? Are they based on your direct experience of life or are they second hand rules, principles and beliefs offered to you by your environment, family or society? What would happened, if you chose to adapt a different belief?
The beginning of December it is the time when most people still function in the rhythm of the daily duties, yet the preparations to approaching Christmas are already in the background. The Christmas period may prove to be particularly intensive regarding testing one’s beliefs. It is important to start observing which ones support you and which ones make you feel like a victim. Only by acknowledging the ideas, ideologies and beliefs of your own inner universe, allows you to be in a space of potential choice. The choice: which beliefs I want to cultivate and which ones need reviewing. The symbol of Sagittarius depicted by an arrow directed upwards, symbolises optimism and adventure. However, which path you chose, which beliefs will take precedence and direct your steps during the incoming period of festivities and the New Year, will depend on the choices you make.
I invite you to the workshop Journey to your own beliefs, 7 December 2019 in Gdańsk.

Where: Gdańsk

When : 7 December 2019, 9.30-17.30

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