Intimacy of relationships – with yourself and with others,
12 October 2019, Wrocław

Full Moon is the time when since ages people were coming together to spend time celebrating rituals and being with others. When the Sun is in Libra and the Moon in Aries, it is a particularly supportive moment to look at the topic of relationships. What does it mean to be alone? Being in a relationship with another person – are we together or am I de facto alone? Alone or lonely? What about the idea of “the other half” – does someone who is the other half of me exist and meeting him or her will make me complete? Does this person exist at all? And if so – where to look for her or him? What do I learn about myself being in a relationship and what I learn when I am not? What patterns and mechanisms are active within myself, which of them did I adopt consciously and which drive me from behind?

This Full Moon confronts us with the possibility of integrating qualities connected with Libra and Aries: harmony and conflict, relationship and individuality, connection and separation. How to combine balance with assertively and courage? One of the lessons that this full moon may offer is when to be on your own and when to be with others.

This Full Moon is about accepting closeness and distance, intimacy and separation, being alone and with others. The workshop Intimacy of relationships – with yourself and with others serves as an invitation to discover how to create relationships which feed us and in which we grow.

Where: Wrocław
When: 12 October 2019, 9.30-17.30

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