Pahai Interdimensional employs a series of tools to facilitate the exploration of the multidimensional aspects of consciousness, building a bridge with conventional reality and promoting healing, transformation and clarity of intent.

During a session or basic seminar of Pahai Interdimensional you recognize, explore and awaken the intent and primary characteristics of your multidimensional identity, through a systematic exploration of the matrix of your being, divided into three profiles (high, medium, low) and 12 sectors .

Pahai Interdimensional involves safe and secure exploration of what you perceive as negative, controversial and frustrating in life, in order to understand its actual multidimensional nature. According to this perspective the shadow sides are the key to healing for yourself and others, the areas of grievances and crisis allow you to identify your multidimensional power. Pahai Interdimensional helps to extract this power by establishing a direct relationship with the dimensions where it is abundant and facilitating a work of exchange and integration with the ordinary reality.

A decisive moment in working with Pahai Interdimensional is the access to states of consciousness that provide experiential clarity about the brightest sides of your being and how you can manifest them in ordinary life. To this end, Pahai Interdimensional is designed to guide you through every phase up to full satisfaction through the practices that best align with your nature.

Pahai Interdimensional was developed by Franco Santoro, starting from 1978, through assimilation and adaptation to astroshamanism. As from 2019 it is made available for the first time in its full version.


Holistic and spiritual counsellor, liaison director of the Provisional Institute, astroshamanic facilitator; certified ICC coach and trainer, accredited by the European School of Administration in Brussels. Katarzyna Reiter offers trainings and coaching sessions in Brussels, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Lithuania. Graduated in Law, she held managerial positions in various governmental institutions in Poland, worked for the European Commission and represented the country at the United Nations, dealing with environmental issues, sustainable development and climate change topics. She has trained with Franco Santoro since 2009.

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